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Real estate

VKP handles due diligence; real estate transfers; leasing and subleasing; material rights, including burdens with third-party rights (e.g., liens, easements, first refusal); preparation and review of credit contracts and collaterals; insurance contracts and representation in complex insured events; resolution of co-ownership disputes; disputes of real estate owners with state, regional and municipal bodies; representation in procedures under the Construction Act, namely, in zoning and building procedures and building approval procedures; and, in co-operation with our external network of professionals, valuation of real estate, technical expert opinions, and property protection and security.

VKP also offers trust services as part of the all-encompassing nature of services provided, management and the administration of companies intended solely or mainly for the ownership of real estate. In cooperation with foreign law firms and tax offices VKP proposes the optimum ownership structures for clients, ensures the foundation and operation of these and submits suitable financial and tax solutions to relate to property transactions and property development. In this sphere, the office also prepares contractual documentation for the construction or reconstruction of buildings and area development, and oversees the exercise of rights for the remedy of defects, the enforcement of warranties or other guarantees against defects in buildings, and settles disputes related to the same. The office also handles the comprehensive delimitation of building units according to the Act on Flat Ownership, establishment and legal services for unit-owner partnerships, settlement of disputes related to the same, and transactions related to the transfers of, and burdens related to, the units. VKP drafts legal opinions concerning all aspects of immovable property, provides complex consultancy to owners concerning the fulfilment of obligations and the exercise of ownership rights, and provides the services related to the same in bankruptcy and compensation actions. In this sphere, VKP focuses on the issues related to the privatisation of national and municipal property, and the mechanics of tenders.