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Váňa, Kapalín & Partners (VKP) is a modern law office with local and international clientele. It continues the work of Managing Partner at VKP Libor Kapalín, who built his expertise at the law offices of JUDr. Věslav Nemeth & Partner and Gerloch, Nemeth & Partners, before linking up with Milan Váňa in 2000, first at the Váňa, Pergl & Partners law office and from 2003 as a founding partner of VKP. Another key partner at the two last mentioned law offices was Svatopluk Šplechtna, a lawyer with a wealth of experience, in particular in the sphere of property law and corporate law, in which he was continuously involved from 1993 onwards at the law offices of JUDr. Václav Hlavín, Váňa, Pergl & Partners and Váňa, Kapalín & Partners.

VKP also builds on the legacy of the former senior partner of the firm Milan Váňa, who beginning in 1991 progressively founded and developed the Váňa & Associates, Váňa, Oršula & Partners, Váňa, Pergl & Partners and finally Váňa, Kapalín & Partners law firms. Following the sudden death of Milan Váňa in 2005, Libor Kapalín, Svatopluk Šplechtna and the other partners in VKP decided to continue their work under the same name. VKP has done a great deal of work since then and continues to successfully expand and develop.

The Váňa, Kapalín & Partners law office brings together many years of professional and practical knowledge, reputability, one hundred percent reliability and outstanding results in complex corporate, real estate and other property rights transactions, all achieved in recent years during the transformation of the Czech legal and economic environment on the one hand and through the progressive, energetic and professionally-rich practice of new partners at VKP on the other.

VKP provides its clients with professional assistance and support at more levels than the purely legal. Its experience, tactical and negotiation skills, professionalism and far-reaching contacts also contribute to successful business transactions and the appraisal and achievement of the business objectives of our clients. VKP partners also work together in the sphere of the management, administration and control of projects. Given the long-standing reputation for supreme professionalism and reliability, the main partners at VKP principally occupy the position of the trustees of complex property transactions, safekeeping, holding and administering the property of our clients and their business partners. The senior partners at VKP are well-known in the professional public and among clients for their legal abilities and business diplomacy. In the past they helped reach amicable solutions and settlements in a number of disputed and conflictual cases that would only have been resolved to unilaterally acceptable and beneficial results through the courts with great difficulty. VKP partners have thus far represented clients in legal cases involving sums in the range of tens of billions of Czech crowns.

The office is founded on in-depth knowledge of the Czech legal and business environment with a far-reaching network of professional and political relations. Thanks to its language abilities, international perspective and knowledge, experience and contacts, VKP is able to ensure that clients are provided with the very highest standard of legal and other professional assistance, expert services and representation in an European and broader context. In this respect we should add that VKP has signed a cooperation contract with the CRASTOLLA LAW FIRM in Rome and also works together with a range of other law and consultancy firms from a variety of countries in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Britain, France, Poland, Austria and Germany), Asia, and North and South America.

Within the principal spheres of its orientation, VKP co-operates with leading Czech architects, designers, building companies, historians, auditors and tax advisers, financial, banking and stock exchange experts, as well as experts appointed by courts and expert institutions. The wider professional offer of VKP generally includes also legal, accounting and tax audits of companies and entrepreneurs, legal audits of immovable property, including the verification of the truthfulness and completeness of business and economic information pertinent to the comprehensive defence of the client’s interests.

The law firm Váňa, Kapalín & Partners has concluded third party insurance with indemnification coverage of CZK 20 million for individual cases.

VKP makes a decisive contribution to the activity of the GRANT Foundation, whose tasks include organising courses and training sessions about legal issues, ensuring the financing of free legal aid and legal aid for a reduced price, helping the victims of crime and re-socialising offenders.